Salvaging for Materials


Day 2 of salvaging materials. Chelsea and I walked around town for 2 hours- specifically downtown; walked in stores and asked if we could have any of their scraps or if they had any things they did not need or want, or things for throwing away. Disappointed at how unproductive the second day of salvaging materials at the CBD was- I decided to stick around the shore and look at Hospice Shops around the neighborhood:


And bought these:


The shop on Ellice was especially neat. So many knick-knacks there that I had wanted to buy because they attracted me, but in the end, perhaps I thought that maybe it was better for me to bookmark this place when looking for things to possibly ‘fuse’ and make a hybrid product for my Technology paper. Cheap things there too. I just thought I would have more luck and more variation on the stuff I could find elsewhere, as my Mum and my Grandma had suggested that maybe I go to some garage sales early Saturday morning, because the prices are even lower then.

And came the idea of checking for when the inorganics would be round our area and hence-
I checked the Auckland City Council websites for the inorganic collection around the shore and found out:Image


And I have found these amongst other things. I kept it mind that it had to be engaging and have a strong potential for high aesthetic value. I looked at the form, the repetition and the pattern in each and every one of these materials. I am really quite proud with the things that I have found and regret the fact that I had spent $6 on a used volleyball net set that I had purchased from the Hospice shop the day before, as I could have very well found it on the sides of the road down that area.


I had also contacted Remondis and had asked to make an appointment with them to pick up a few items of my choice from their centre. They had agreed. But for the delay in their response, I had already picked these (above) of the pavements of the streets in Birkenhead. I had replied that if ever I need anymore, I hope that their offer would still be available for me.


These are some of the things I found in the garage on Day 1. These items were stored in our garage for sometime now. Things that are either old, grew out of, broken, forgotten etc. I had found more than what is shown. Things that I found interesting and thought had potential then until I picked up things from the inorganic collection- things such as old cassette tape and CD’s; kids building blocks and puzzle pieces mats, outdated technology, broken umbrellas and fishing rods.


I had collected more than these, but I had to be very selective and pick the things that I thought would really set me up for a very good path and direction for the rest of the project. These items above (plus another two) are what I have selected so far. I know they are more than nine, but I would like to undergo a material exploration experiment with each and every one of them. Today (Sunday), I had gone to uni to drop off these materials by car, as I could not have done so by bus. And had taken a photo of the crates and the little piece of hurricane fence that I had found in a parking lot in the CBD.


Anticipating tomorrow’s visit to VISY. All the way in Onehunga. :S


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