This is one of the ideas I’m tossing between. It is a wall mounted coat rack made out of springy steel venetian blinds. It is the very first experimentation that I have posted, but I assure you there are mountains of models that have gone and come before this.

Last week, I used cardboard in place of the actual aluminium blinds. I came up with many models using cardboard, as it is easy to use. There’s heck loads of it just lying round the studio. It bends easy and is easy to cut. Overall, its the best material to work with when doing fast prototyping (other than paper of course)

The thing is though the characteristics of cardboard and those of aluminium blinds differ from each other. The blinds put up more of a fight ie., when you braid it.

So, I’ve been testing out some of the ideas I came up with, using the actual material as it would inform me whether my ideas are feasible.

These are some of the questions that have risen along my journey so far.

  1. What does it look like when I scratch the ochre/copper colour off entirely? It will look like just plain metal. Would it still be obvious that they are made of blinds?
  2. If I flatten it completely and lose the curves how would it look like? Would it function better?  This would be worth trying. However I really aim as much as I can to stay true to the given features of the blinds. One detail that I do aim to incorporate is the pulley-rope mechanism of the blinds.

With this wall mounted coat rack idea, of course, one strip of the blinds by itself is not strong enough. It’s flimsy. So I layered it; using at least eight strips to make one piece. I have only tested this in a miniature scale, so I am entirely sure on how strong it actually is.

A visit to the workshop is a must.

  • I need to know the best way to drill holes into this eight-layer thickness.
  • How to join these eight layers.
  • And how to mount them onto the wall.

In more detail this wall mounted coat rack will be made out of eight-layer strips of blinds lined up next to each other, bolted to a piece of timber, and in turn mounted on to the wall. Detailing is still scruffy at this stage. As I said, I feel the need to explore and experiment more.

With eight layers making up one strip, it will be more stiff and therefore harder to bend. The blinds will be bolted onto two pieces of timber, one at the top and one at the bottom to strengthen and  secure the stability of the structure. To celebrate the actual material, I plan to retain the contrast of the string (used for the pulley mechanism) and the blinds make.

Introducing a wall mounted coat rack will not take up that much room and hence will not tighten up the space which is already very limited to begin with. The aim is not to add anymore clutter. Visually and physically. The apartment’s set up and aesthetics are simple. And its best to stick with it. I want to retain subtlety and cohesion (with the place) in the product I will introduce.

This post was supposed to have gone up last week. 

A wall mounted …


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