Took a set of wooden blinds from home today and brought them in. My source of springy steel blinds are scarce now and I have been wondering what I could come up with, if I used a different type of shutter blinds so detaching one set of wooden blinds from our garage was my decision.

I’ve always been drawn to the idea of lighting, given that my initial idea was a candle holder. I want to further explore how I could create a more relaxing ambiance at night.

I am about ready to explore more concepts and perhaps revisit some old compositions that could be translated as upright lamps, table lamps, or wall lamps.

It might be time to introduce another material that will serve as a frame to make the springy steel blinds and even these newly sourced wooden blinds, that bit more stable. I guess, I could use the wooden blinds itself to create some sort of frame to hold itself. Then again, contrast between two materials always add interesting aesthetic qualities.


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