This is the other idea I was so stoked about. It’s a wall decor/wall lighting. It is inspired by my desire to bring intimacy into the apartment. I think that the guests would spend the most time in the apartment during the night. I figured softening up the place and creating a more relaxing ambiance would be the way to go.

I imagine that this wall decor will fill the wall that the table is pushed up against. To subtly convey that this decor were blinds in its ‘life before’ I want to retain the idea of this pulley-mechanism; one only has to tug on the rope/string to turn the lights on or off. This celebrates the material. It draws on the already existing patterns within the apartment and also on New Zealand’s flora.

I plan to visit the workshop to cut some blinds lengthways and rivet each end and place them in this same composition.


Of course, this (above) isn’t the actual scale ratio between the decor and the pulley rope. I am but illustrating the idea. The scale ratio between the decor and the pulley rope is much like the illustration below.



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