ImageAfter another session at the workshop, I have discovered a way for the blinds to snap right back when the weight of the coat is lifted off of it. I got rid of the top and bottom bits of the blinds where the holes for the string/rope of the blind’s pulley mechanism, existed.  I have adjusted where it would be bolted onto the piece of timber, so that  instead of it bending at where the hole is, it will bend as illustrated above. Eliminating those holes meant eliminating making those creases, hence its inability to snap back up.

The weaving details (as illustrated on the drawing), is an idea retained from the actual features of the blinds. The string that will be woven around the blinds will come from  the blinds itself (it is the string that made the pulley mechanism what it was). This detailing is added to strengthen the structure and also to further make known that the product were actually blinds before as it is very much reminiscent of it. The weaving also refers to the theme of repeated weaving patterns seen on almost everything at Chancery Lane.

The shape and form of the structure is not very engaging. This could be something that I will explore in the refinement/development process.

Another thing to consider would be the right size of rivets to use. And if there is a way to have both sides of the blinds be as appealing as the other. Also a better looking screw. Perhaps a flathead instead of the rounded ones that I had experimented with. The colour of both rivets and screws, is another thing that I need confirmation on. As much as possible I want for it to be the same colour as the blinds.

I still have to experiment with scratching the ‘copper’ colour out entirely. I do have a feeling that the surface that I will end up with will not smooth. I don’t even mind the original colour of the blinds at all. I actually think it would be perfect. It goes with the neutral colour theme of the apartment (different shades of brown). This colour cohesion also helps with not visually cluttering the place. It compliments the simplicity of the apartment and adds elegance via its balanced repetition.

The width of the timber that will hold the blinds at both the top and bottom will still need to be decided. This relies on me finalizing the actual shape and form of the structure.

Also another thing to think about, would be how to mount all of it onto the wall.

Coat Rack


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