I also spent some of my time in the workshop working on my wall decor idea. It didn’t really work out. I didn’t turn out the way I had planned it to. I was able to cut the blinds lengthways easy enough. Riveting too, was relatively easily, though I had to use oversized rivets (in ratio to the thickness of two strips of blinds together). It was the way it folded in the end, that became the problem. In the miniature version  each piece curved in, but with these full scale version, models,it is unfortunately flimsy and floppy.

Although I was disappointed, I am happy that this visit was able to confirm two things, that this idea was a no go and the coat rack could possibly be the one to that I will refine and develop.

However, I still feel like I need to explore some more ideas, make models of it and compare. I also plan to do a matrix, just to double check and confirm my decisions before moving into the refinement phase.

Wall Decor/Lighting


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