I cannot let go of this idea of producing lighting. Initially I started with the idea of making a candle holder that when a candle is lit from within it, it will create patterns on the wall. It creates a more relaxing atmosphere and a soft ambiance that the high profile guests deserve after a full day’s worth of activities. They should be able to enjoy the attractions that our city has to offer and still discover enjoyment at the place they are staying at.

This idea had evolved into a full blown table lamp. It is inspired by the flower sculpture that embellishes the north atrium of the Art Gallery. The shapes used to make these patterns can also be seen on the apartment building and in the actual apartment itself.

I plan to use a G series light bulb, so that it is spherical. This design decision is raw. What I saw in my mind was a glass bowl that encases a light bulb, and in turn the flower-like patterns made of blinds encases that.

In my quick experimentation above, I had used a candle holder. I find it amusing that I had come around in a full circle I suppose, since I am now face to face with my very initial idea.

I see potential in this concept, I really do. In terms of manufacturability, it is good. Since it will be in a much smaller scale (use less blinds), as compared to my coat rack idea (which uses twelve strips to account for one) more can be made from just one set of blinds.

It subtly reflects an Auckland CBD attraction to go to within 1k radius of the campus. It also is cohesive with the neutral colour theme and some of the patterns that exist in the apartment. It brings intimacy within the apartment at night by creating a soft and relaxing ambiance through soft lighting.

It does not celebrate the material as much as it should, but it is something I could work on if I pick this to take to the next stage. It is clearly not reminiscent of springy steel shutter blinds at all, as my coat rack idea was. If anything, this idea and the coat rack idea can be placed on polar sides of a spectrum with regards to this particular specs.

I could play with different compositions to achieve a balance between celebrating the material and reflecting an Auckland CBD attraction.

There is opportunity to develop this concept, as much as there is opportunity to develop the coat rack idea. With this concept I still have to figure out whether I want to use candles or light bulbs as the light source. I also have to figure out how to attach the structure to the light in an appealing and relatively economic way. I must also consider its overall aesthetics. It must also be easy to replace and clean. It must definitely be safe and sustainable.

At this stage, I acknowledge that I definitely will have to make a matrix for all of my models to confirm my decisions. 

Table Lamp/ Candle Holder


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