21/08/2012 2D Sketches


In detail (these are photos of three concepts that I want to physically see, so my next step would be to make sketch models of these):




Possible side views of the coat rack (downturned hooks at different angles):


What if I curve the surface of the wooden base that the blinds will be mounted onto?


Which type of screws are best?

Countersunk screws, sink or is flash against the material, while roundhead screws appear and are an exposed feature. I’ve noted that brass roundheads can be quite decorative. How about brass rivets do they exist too?


Eyelets instead of rivets? Eyelets are more aesthetically pleasing, question is: can it accommodate twelve layers of blinds?

How about weaving the blinds into the wooden bases instead of using screws?


Where I am at according to my plan:

  1. List benchmarks
  2. Draw 2D sketches  and make 3D sketch models
  3. Test out for function, strength and stability
  4. Final refinements
  5. Make final model

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