Before launching head first into the convergent phase:

The concept that I have chosen is the wall mounted coat rack. The wall mounted coat rack celebrates the material really well, however it doesn’t at all reflect any certain Auckland CBD attraction or location. Though it is very well cohesive with the aesthetic qualities of the apartment, it is subdued and much too camouflaged with the apartment.  I say this because my initial goal was to introduce intimacy to the apartment. I wanted to rid of the sense of anonymity and make the apartment more welcoming. Initially, I thought that a candle holder would address this goal, until I had explored more ideas other than the initial.

However, the wall mounted coat rack is more of a utilitarian piece rather than it is decorative, thus does not bring in intimacy at all. What I want to achieve at this stage is make the coat rack a wall decoration, so when it is not in use, it dresses up the place. The elegance and the simplicity it currently holds is not enough, in my point of view. It is not striking. It is not engaging. It blends all too well with the apartment. It does not make a statement. I see opportunity in finding inspiration to inform the aesthetic of this concept, through looking for a particular location or attraction around town and being inspired by it.

There are also many aspects of the coat rack that needs further consideration, such as the size of the timber it will be attached to. The photos seen above are only of a test piece- I was merely testing out whether this certain way of fastening works for my idea. I plan to consider the shape, the size, the length and the width of it in the divergent phase. I plan to test these out to see which works best accordingly.

Another aspect would be the actual blinds themselves. Due to my desire of adding to its current aesthetic qualities, to make it more ‘striking’; more of an art piece- I want to experiment with its form and shape.  During this, I need to remind myself of the balance I want to achieve, between the reflection of an Auckland CBD attraction/location and the celebration of the material, its past and its qualities. I also need to perform function and strength tests at each point of the refinement process.

I am not satisfied with the size and colour of the rivets and the size, colour and type of screws that I had used on the test pieces. I plan to research my options and choose wisely as these rivets and screws are not masked- they are exposed and therefore affects the overall aesthetic of the end product.

How it is going to be installed and packaged should also be considered. Can it be put together by the buyer; installing each ‘hook’ piece by piece onto the timber base or can it be bought ready to mount onto the wall? Another thing consider is also how it will be mounted onto the wall itself.

My plan of action is as follows:

  1. Create a benchmark
  2. Draw 2D sketches and make 3D sketch models
  3. Test out for function, strength and stability
  4. Final refinements
  5. Make final model

My final benchmarks are as follows:

  • Aesthetics fit to be a wall decoration.
  • Functions as a coat rack.
  • Cohesive with the aesthetic qualities of the apartment, but not subdued like now.
  • Maintain elegance and a degree of simplicity but it needs to stand out and dress the apartment up.
  • Translates itself as a coat rack nonetheless, ie, some blinds could be downturned already.
  • Acquire balance between the celebration of the material, its past and qualities, and the reflection of a certain Auckland CBD attraction.
  • Optional: Unique piece; blue sky; and aesthetically non-archetypal.

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