Recommendations and realizations (post-group critique and discussions):

Prior to this group critique, I was struggling with coming up with a way to tie in my product with an Auckland CBD attraction or location. Initially I thought of reflecting it back to Chancery Lane, where there are a lot of weaving patterns repeated. But I had gotten suggestions to not include the rope to weave through the blinds as doing so might just be ‘over-kill’. Also it would look, as if I had just mounted some blinds onto the wall, and alas that’s that. Thus, this reflection to Chancery lane may not work.

Reid had suggested that I could tie my concept in with CBD apartments, after all- I am using blinds, which are used in most apartments.

Still on the topic of reflecting it back to an Auckland CBD attraction or location, one of my peers had suggested to, possibly arrange the blinds to resemble corrugated iron, thus emitting a New Zealand ‘feel’.  And another said that, that the simple linear pattern that is my coat rack is omnipresent across the whole CBD; it can be seen in the Viaduct area and some hand railings across the Britomart precinct. I could possibly just snap photographs of examples from right across the CBD.

Steve suggested that I lose the bottom wooden base, or lose the whole base completely and mount it onto the wall directly, as he suggests to emphasise the ‘lightness’ of the blinds. I agree with this notion of emphasising its lightweight quality, but I argue that the wooden bases are there not only to lift it up slightly from the wall, so that it is accessible, but also as a support structure to stabilise the whole thing. However, I do wonder whether if the top wooden base would be enough- maybe I could rid of the bottom wooden base.

I plan to mask the wooden bases completely with the blinds, after all it was only a support structure, but Steve had also asked whether it was possible if I don’t mask it and instead expose it. Come to think of it, it is a good contrast to the copper colour of the blinds.

One of my final benchmarks was for the absolute final concept to translate as a coat rack, as right now, it clearly doesn’t. One of my peers pointed this out, and I was glad that someone confirms my thoughts. The whole class agrees on the suggestion that maybe if one or a few ‘hooks’ were flicked down already, it would help in reading that it is indeed a coat rack. This could possibly add to the aesthetic quality of the absolute final concept; some, not only one ‘hook’ could be downturned already and maybe even at different angles. Maybe adding an asymmetrical cut across the whole structure would make it that much more interesting. I will explore different shapes and forms; play with even the base structure, to achieve an aesthetic that is engaging and striking yet one that exudes simplicity and elegance.


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