Design Thinking: Personal Goals

Personal Goals:

  1. To manage my time effectively.  Account for everything ie, allocate longer gaps in between each tasks to allow for unplanned and unseen obstacles. Strictly follow the outlined schedule from the beginning- to achieve this weekly check-ins should be done; all weekly goals should be met in order for the outlined schedule to play out as planned.
  2. To enhance my visual communication skills– to improve my drawing skills so that they stand and speak for themselves alone without the need for any explanation whether oral or written.
  3. To enhance my verbal communication skills. I have trouble pairing appropriate words with my thoughts to communicate my ideas to my colleagues. To achieve this, I will try even more to actively participate in the group. I find that if it is just a pair, it is fine for me, however within a group of more than two (with people in the class that I don’t know as well yet) I can still feel out of my skin at times and shy away from the spotlight. I acknowledge that to be an effective designer, you need your voice and a strong character to share ideas and insights. I will also strive to prepare rigorously for presentations beforehand.
  4. To be even more thorough in the design process than I have been in the previous project. This ties back in to managing my time effectively. To be able to show how thorough I have been in a project, I would need to allow myself a decent amount of time to explain my every design decision thoroughly.
  5. To further develop skills using Adobe software programmes  and possibly become more fluent in 3D CAD software programmes such as Rhino and/or Solidworks.

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