1/3 through already!

Only five sessions have gone and we are already a third through the Design Thinking process. Within this past week (and a half) I have learnt so many things. I feel like I have a better understanding of the discipline as compared to when we had started and I only hope that this grows even more over the remaining two and a half weeks.


Values: All of the lessons we have had so  far had been focused on building up our values. Although I had thought of myself as reasonably empathic before, these processes had reiterated and had taught me to be more empathic towards different types of people. Certain methods like interviewing, personas and empathy mapping had allowed me to look at the experience in other people’s shoes.

Attitudes: I have never had any problem tackling individual projects, but I was reluctant to dive into this as it is collaborative. However this had made me step out of my shell more and had given me a chance to approach this collaboration as myself and offer my actual thoughts without any second thoughts. I have had no problem so far in applying myself with enthusiasm in all parts of the process. The brevity of this project, and the rigid structure  it imposes on us helps me to keep on track and on top of my work. This has kept me on my toes so far and have kept my organisational skills at peak. Two other people rely on me, and visa versa, it is this I think that pushes all of us to strive and run that extra mile. I am confident when I say my attitude will not drop from its current level now.

Cognition: I believe that I have applied myself in different kinds of thinking in immersion of myself in all of the methods we have learnt so far. In the more recent sessions we were  required to be more analytical with the data we have gathered to drive us into a convergent phase. Without the methods that we have undertaken (empathy mapping, personas, insights etc.) it would have been harder and longer for me, going about it in the way I know how.

Creativity: This, I think, has yet to come as we are not yet in the ideate phase. I do look forward to this chapter very much, however, as it always excites me to solve this uncertainty that currently lays over our heads. We have discussed in our group our strengths and weaknesses and we will make sure to cater to each individual accordingly. All of us have a tendency to have preconceived ideas, and it is our mission to keep away from that.  The way we have planned to do this is to follow the process critically and to prototype in quantity. We have to keep away from self-editing as that can come later. Ideas are ideas- even bad ones. Having three heads working collaboratively gives us more scope and range in the concepts that we generate, which already is a plus.

Practice: As we are indeed a through the process, I can honestly say that I have immersed myself in each opportunity to practice the methods we are taught. I have had several discussions with a number of my classmates  about the importance of each method and sometimes even what one word means. A constant check with other groups within our immediate proximity keeps me sane, as it is my only way to double-check that we are on the right track or if we are missing something major. One personal drawback was falling sick- this has forced me to miss out on some tasks such as the insights and needs generation. 


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