Day 5 (Week 2)

Using the personas and empathy mapping from yesterday we were to generate needs and insights of our chosen cluster of ferry patrons and furthermore create point of view statements from these. Arriving late to the studio (coming in at about two-thirds in), I was met with an overwhelming feeling as the first sight I see of my group and our space was that the chairs and our desks had been moved around, however it was a good sense of shock as there was work posted up all over our walls. I honestly, felt rather inadequate and apologetic that being sick forced me to come in late.

My group quickly caught me up and we generated point of view statements together. It was a pretty straight forward exercise for all three of us as we understood what it required- a user, the user’s needs ,  surprising insights– the reason to why they have that need (and whether that need is covered by the current facilities). Choosing  our main point of view statement was also very easy for us, as we had decided one or two sessions back.

It did not really occur to me that this could possibly cause us a downfall, so tomorrow I will suggest that we trace our steps back and go through the insights and needs generation more thoroughly using our personas (now that they have been humanised even more), just to make sure we have thoroughly covered it and that we are indeed on the right track.

Another reason why I want to go over the insights and needs generation is that I was not able to participate in these tasks and it would be beneficial for me that I immerse myself in this also, so that I can improve my practice and understanding of the entirety of the Design Thinking discipline.

I am aware that it is the start of the Generate phase tomorrow and I can’t help but get antsy about keeping on top of our group portfolio work, although I do not really have any reason to as we each ensure to complete the tasks we set ourselves everyday within a reasonable time.

I have been assigned with the bulk of the research and tomorrow I will share to my counterparts my findings as this will fuel the rest of our process. Speaking of the rest of the process, I am a bit concerned for the little amount of time we have to come up with a concept and furthermore to refine it. Already coming up with a good  concept takes up quite a lot of time. Although there are three of us coming up with one good concept, it will require everyone’s undivided attention and full cooperation and this makes me wary that some tension from stress may build up. We are after all,  all concerned with our technology projects too.  

I cannot stop saying that each workshop session is a bit overwhelming because of the brevity and the amount of the information we are all expected to soak in within three hours. I do agree however, that there is no other way to teach this to us. I do love the benefit of being able to practice the theory at once, but it could be nice to stretch it out to a full five day week and have a session on MWF and have the in-between days to soak up and catch up on the things that have been taught so far.

I feel that the whole project will take full flight from here on out. I feel the familiar anticipation and adrenalin rush kicking in. It should be fun!



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