Generate Phase: Day 6 (Week 2)

I’m feeling better- still coughing and sneezing like crazy but at least is manageable unlike my state on Monday. This and the productive night I had last night that made me sleep early had me in a really good mood today. Today was the start of the Generate phase. Today we tackled locking down on a refined opportunity statement. It was really just a matter of refining the opportunity statement that we had picked yesterday and it should not have taken us as long as what we spent on it today. Even now, it still leaves me unsatisfied with the current wording of the mission statement and I think both my group mates share the same sentiment.

Before I left the studio today I retraced our steps just to make sure that the path we had taken was indeed valid and indeed it was. I have recently gotten into the habit of double-checking, even in my own projects because I can never be too sure. I do this by checking in with other classmates at where they are at and it usually gives me a clearer understanding of something as different minds have different takes and approaches to one thing.

Tomorrow I will discuss with the rest of my team the proposed changes to the statement and we will go from there.

Today we also started another divergent phase by brainstorming solutions that address our opportunity statement, considering no barriers at all. I found this exercise very enjoyable and exciting. All three of us crowded around the window where (windows) we decided to document our brainstorming and talked about our ideas as we drew (on different coloured post its) and posted each one. Though we were only able to put up 30-40 or so ideas collaboratively they were all very elaborate, with one idea feeding to another and another and another. Throughout the whole brainstorming process no ideas were shut out and we did not self edit. 

I am personally very excited about all of the ideas we have come up with so far, however it was a mission for me to push back questioning the feasibilities of each one as that would otherwise be counterproductive, once I was by myself.

We had planned to come up with more ideas on our own and discussing it tomorrow, possibly building upon these new ideas and thus creating more. We plan to repeat this process on Friday and if we are not satisfied we had planned to meet up on Sunday afternoon.

As I was trying to come up with ideas by myself this afternoon, I had struggled in creating new ones and had indirectly kept building on the ideas that we had discussed this morning. I stopped deciding that indeed it was getting counterproductive, though not without the promise of trying again later tonight if time permits.

For once I am excited about the uncertainty at where all of these possibilities will take us but I am willing to sit back, let the process lead and enjoy the ride. 


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