Generate Phase: Day 7 (Week 3)

To harvest ideas- that was the main focus for today. The first step was to take our ideas and arrange them in a two-axis map; one-from radical to conservative and the other from human centred to non human centred.

This method of rearranging our ideas was really helpful and interesting to see where most of our ideas lay. There was a trend of ideas that ran diagonally from radical and non human centred down to conservative and human centred that spilled a bit into the radical and human centred corners. There was a real gap on the opposite end however, and we have identified this to be something that we would actively avoid. The sweet spot, we have decided is a spot with perfect balance of radical and human-centred.



This process ran very smoothly as we found it pretty straightforward. The next method however was a bit more challenging. We found it very difficult to reframe our three chosen ideas into “subjects” and this had made our morning very unproductive.

After conversing with my older peers and other groups I was able to gain better understanding of how to approach this activity. I had another go at it individually and I reckon this second time around I was able to plough through the start with ever growing understanding towards the approach.

In this new approach, the middle of the lotus blossom is what how we want to create a better waiting experience in general and that is to “interesting and interactive environment”. From this eight subtexts were generated and they are made up of very vague and very open words that can trigger more ideas on the outward grids.

As we had chosen as a group to call it a day with the promise of working on a lotus blossom individually, short after the session had finished, I will need to show these new and key findings to the rest of the group. I hope that we can be more productive tomorrow as today it was hard for us to move around or over this slump that we had hit.

It is our third week in to the brief and I am quite amazed at how fast time has flown. I really acknowledge that it is high time that we really buckle down and give the last few days our all as our days are waning and we also have other projects to attend to. It is important to me that my group understands this also, and I will put on my boots of bossiness if I have to.


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