Ideate Phase: Day 8 (Week 3)

As yesterday was all about harvesting the ideas, today was in essence picking out select crops. The cream of the crop; and that process for us ran very smoothly. Within us three in the group, we each picked out a number out of a hat that corresponded to our top three concepts, to list some pros and cons or some positives and negatives and pitched these three ideas among us.

I found  that this was a good way to weigh out which is the best concept according to the fulfilment of the brief, the mission statement and the needs of our user. It has not only given me the confidence that our chosen concept is the best one we could have possibly chosen but it has also shown us the amount of work (cons) we have yet to solve or work through for each of these three concepts. Having this overview of all three gave us clarity in our selection.

Thereafter we imposed constraints on ourselves to keep us grounded and anchored to reality. This exercise became a bit of a struggle  as not all of us saw eye to eye with how much to limit ourselves. Eventually we came to the conclusion of being a bit more risky to exercise our own design personalities within our final solution but imposing enough constraints to will allow for a polished execution within the very limited time frame we are working against.

Once again we are diverging, this time to find the best variation of our concept by means of development using methods as such: 2D sketching and 3D compositions. This is our most loved part of the process it seems as our progress within one hour was astounding. We parted with the promise of individually hacking away at this to reconvene tomorrow and share what we have so far.

Tomorrow should be more productive as its uphill from here!


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