Ideate Phase: Day 9 (Week 3)

What is expected of us was reinforced thoroughly this morning- a reminder of the limited time we have left. This should really have been the fuel to get us going for the whole day with our prototyping but personally it didn’t at all get me going. I had hit a slump and progress was stagnant throughout the morning. Every time I had tried different approaches to solve our brief I kept going back to what we had already come up with. I had started to self-edit. I was challenging my ideas as I went according to the feasibility of it and whether it was possible to execute it well within the time constraint that is imposed upon us.

A change of activity was my chosen way of intervening with this counter-productivity, hence I am now reflecting on today. I had taken a step back and looked at the aim of this phase or chapter of the Design Thinking discipline. I remember it being said that it was to teach us the flexibility between 2D sketching and 3D articulation. Honestly, I have not been working towards this aim, only sticking to my comfort zone which is sketching. Though another reason is  that our design is quite  hard to translate into 3D without spending an ample amount of time on each model. The essence of it being RAPID prototyping is essentially defeated really.

Later tonight, I will come back to this phase of ideation with a fresh outlook and hopefully be more productive then.

The plan is to lock in a feasible solution that meets the brief and the constraints that we have given ourselves and be more or less done with our portfolio before Monday hits to leave us those two full days before Wednesday sussing out the details of and preparing for our final group presentation. 


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