Evaluate Phase: Day 10 (Week 4)

Today was all about rating our concepts using the concept matrix evaluation method. This method was very helpful as it kept us from going with our gut instincts. From my past projects in school, I have learnt to keep in mind the key words that shall concern my success and I have learnt to practice this and evaluate my ideas at each stage, past ideating and then on. Due to the familiarity of this method, its importance is ingrained in my mind. It keeps your biases in check and that is always something I find very important to do. It was especially important for us as a group, as we all had the tendency to jump to conclusions early on.

The results from the matrix, were quite interesting really. We had evaluated three very distinct concepts and the ideas ranked differently as we worked in the factor of plausibility. The tables had in fact, turned- our most radical idea scored rather high in terms of the interactive experience it offers, but because it is very radical it is not very plausible.

The matrix evaluation method confirmed our hunches, and for this we were very happy. After a very unfocused morning, the rest of the day was spent working out the macro and micro details of our design  via prototyping. We did not part ways, till we had all the details sussed out and ready for the final model-making process tomorrow.

I am very happy with how everything had worked out. We did have a few mornings throughout the course where we were very disoriented and unfocused but it did not really affect the quality of the work we put in. Though the word “quantity” may not describe our work, I am still very pleased with the outcome of our project. I believe we have considered all parts of the brief well and I hope that will reflect on the body of work we present on Wednesday and our joint portfolio.

I cannot believe this brief is drawing to a close. It had been a wonderful experience, working with different people, bringing out in me leadership I never knew I really had. I believe I had an active engagement with this first attempt to this new design thinking discipline and it has been worth the ride.  I have to say, following this rigid structure that was imposed on us kept our time management in check, as everything is up to date. This relaxed feeling is definitely something new for me, and something that I would definitely want to get used to. If I impose the same structure on myself on my individual projects, I should not have to experience mad rushes in the end.

I look forward to putting this design thinking discipline in full throttle in my own projects as this has kind of been a very quick first go at it. 


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