Evaluate Phase: Day 11 (Week 4)

The second to last day. Wow, talk about adrenaline rush and fatigue! Today had to be our most productive day yet! For us, it was all about getting a really nice model done by tomorrow and sorting out our bits for our presentation. Our plan had been to get our studio project out of the way quite quickly to allow time for our Technology and our HCD projects- so that meant absolutely everything polished up and done by tomorrow. Not quite there yet, but very close. The reason to why this target date is not going to be met, is because we all had mutually agreed that it is better to not rush things so we do not overlook any details whilst doing so.

We all have high hopes for it and are pretty pleased with the outcome of our hard work. The one thought that rang amongst the three of us was this: “If it was not a collaboration at all, our ideas would have been so different and no one could have had the guts to impose that much work (referring to the model of our idea) on themselves, if they were working alone.” This was true in every sense; a group collates different skills and that overall makes for a stronger machine. Also as you have two or three bodies working on one project, time spent making something as big as the model we had made today took shorter than if it was done alone.

I have to say, the workshop session for the new discipline today was quite fitting as throughout the whole day, one would have been able to hear the gears running in my head. I was trying to  figure out the best way to communicate our idea in terms of the order in which we deliver each bit; furthermore which bits are actually relevant at all to mention. Creating scenarios was quite a good way to take another step back and look at the pros and cons of our design solution and from there make some tweaks to it as necessary.

Reflecting and referring back on all of our field and in-house research, and of course our mission statement was a great way to weigh our design solution. Even as we were prototyping, we were able to pull away from it and make some changes to it.

By late afternoon we were all  starved and it was a gift from heaven that Levi got a hold of some delicious cupcakes to boost our sugar levels up. At first it seemed like a good idea but this shot us to another unfocused buzz. Before parting our ways quite late at night though, we had sussed out all the details for the presentation and have agreed to come in early tomorrow morning to put in the finishing touches to our model.

Tomorrow is the conclusion of this workshop and the day we communicate our ideas to a larger audience. It should be great but it has got my nerves up and racing around. I should really be used to the idea of presentations, however butterflies seem to have a thing for my stomach.


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