On the shoulders of Innovation and Practicality

Today’s progress was a real head-turner. Initial ideas have been generated; sky-rocketing from the most conservative of ideas to the most radical. There was no distinct trend following our ideas but rather they sat in clusters.  A saturated cluster sat on the middle of conservative/realistic and radical/gimmicky, and leant towards the multi-functional end rather than the single use, where we figured our ‘sweet spot’ should be.

Arranging our ideas in a two axis map opened our eyes to the fact that most of our ideas were more than a bit too radical to be lighting solutions for a camping situation , not to mention it may be overwhelming for the clientele. Freedom Camping does have a certain look to their products and very few of our ideas fit into that look.

We concluded that, while our ideas may hold a lot creative potential, they are most probably not ideal for this project. It is at this moment, we realized that this project will hold a large degree of struggle between innovation and practicality whilst meeting the brief. It is our aim to establish the point of difference of our product, but also maintain the branding image of Freedom Camping.

Via reminder of the core customers’ needs, we were able to take apart our mirage of ideas to only the two most feasible initial ideas. These two ideas, though far from actual concepts hold a potential to be our point of difference in the market. Obviously, a lot of development will need to happen, and that is where we see ourselves moving towards.

We find it pointless to continue with any more rapid brainstorming if it will only allow us to produce more ‘out-there’ ideas.

SWOT and Task Analyses will be conducted tomorrow on existing lighting products to spot opportunities for improvement and more importantly for better understanding of how each functions. This type of research may jog our minds and trigger some more ideas. This will provide us with the most needed practical perspective that we could marry our semi-radical ideas to.





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