At the Point of Divergence

A Design Brief should not be left open to interpretation. Be specific- as it will be the only way for all participating parties to know what you both are agreeing to. It’s an important document of communication; a contract if you must between a designer and their clientele.

Learning that Richard Knauf will now meet us a few days earlier than what we had known, we have had to adjust our planning a little bit, leaving us a tighter schedule to work with. Currently, we stand on the divergent phase and are still aiming for ideas ranging from one end of the spectrum to another. I will admit that I have had some struggle keeping open to new ideas due to this large factor of the brief that is practicality and feasibility.

Today, there was a lot of emphasis put on how good having more rad ideas is now, because of the ideas that it may trigger along the way. Innovative ideas that doesn’t necessarily meet the brief are essentially better than those ideas that do meet the brief, but present no innovation.

It is our aim for the next few days to generate more ideas that are broad. This should give us a wide range of ideas to organize into two-axes maps of feasibility versus use/function and Freedom Camping Values versus feasibility. Our task then is to identify our sweet spot and take our ideas that cluster on that, and surrounding that spot and generate variations of each via 3D sketch modelling. It may then be our best interest to pick three ideas each to present within our group this Friday afternoon, with an accompanying list of pros and cons to go with each selected idea. By doing this, we hope to open our eyes to three strong ideas, each coupled with a strong argument case that we can present to the clientele. This way we will know of our material well and hence prepare us for our meeting with the clientele.

Though we are only presenting working ideas on our meeting with Richard Knauf next Monday, it is in our best interest to  be ever prepared. Our goal is to come ready on Monday with 3D sketch models in hand to aide us in our small presentation to Richard. 




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