Converge, we must

The convergent process went really slow this week. It was really hard to see the point behind doing 3D sketch models that early in the process. As we found that it is easier to draw blue sky ideas than to try making models of them. I find that the rapid prototyping is only relevant when doing form studies and exploring macro/micro changes. Due to the struggle seeing reason behind prototyping early on in this project we continued on our path of two-dimensional ideation, until such a time came when we felt satisfied enough with the amount of ideas we had. Organizing them in 2 axes maps helped in clarifying where the trends sat and we were able to pick three ideas that interested us and which closely fit with the criteria of double-use (directional and diffuse lighting). Pros and cons/ SWOT analysis/ matrix will need to be done to these three ideas post presentation after a deep consideration of Shane’s feedback.

There has also been talk about merging with the other group who has the same brief. There was a mixed reaction to this news as expected, but personally I am pretty keen. Sure, there will be nine people in the group, but that number can play to our strengths. Tasks will be delegated more accordingly to cater for everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and will be more spread as there are more human resources are available. With nine brains giving their own input, the situation can be viewed and interpreted in many more ways- this can be good or bad. There will be more input towards the solution- maybe even the practical mindset and the more innovative mindset can be equalized which could make for a well-informed solution. On this note, I am not oblivious to the consequences it may also bring us- nine people can be hard to manage, what more if those nine had very strong and set opinions. Also the main thing that will be affected the most is our portfolio. We have discussed this and have come to the agreement that our folios will still be separate after the merge, if we merge, but it will have the same content, more or less, from then on.

After a lengthy discussion with the other group, weighing out our pros and cons, we have come to an agreement that a decision will be made based on the outcome of the presentation that we will have on Monday.


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