Seeking Direction

Today we presented our three concepts to the rest of the class, to Shane and supposedly Richard. It was indeed a very good opportunity to get some feedback on the direction we should go. Practicality has really driven our design thinking. A few sessions after the initial rapid brainstorming, none of our blue sky ideas appealed to us anymore. We failed to give emphasis on these ideas, even though we did have more of them in the beginning. From evaluating existing lamps, and conducting task analyses on selected lamps our conclusion is that practicality is the way to go given that our target market and the client we are designing for value practicality most. We think that it will be hard to inject a new innovation that will benefit both the target market and the client both without it seeming too impractical. It seems like the best option is to carry on with the incremental concept; to take the good bits and the essence of it.

It is weird for me at this point of the brief to not be attached to a concept. It must be because I feel that we have not really pushed our limits in balancing both aspects of practicality and creativity. Although I do understand that practicality would be the most sensible way to go, there must still be a way to inject a defining point in our solution in comparison to the products that already exists. And I’m not only talking about maximizing light efficiency and improving the product’s durability and its ergonomics; what I really mean is I want it to be our goal to inject a new way to solve this lighting. But how?

“Prepare even more for class presentations” – is one of my personal goals for this year. Reflecting upon this morning’s presentation, I have not made a good start into refining my public speaking skills. To tell you the truth, I don’t consider myself horrendous at public speaking, there are only a few times that I have had bad go’s. Yes, I still get butterflies in my stomach and a little case of cold sweat every now and then, but as long as I know my material well and I have had good preparation prior to the set time- I will be sweet. All weekend, we had put our presentation together over the use of Skype. I think, we got too tied up with the visuals of the presentation which didn’t leave enough time for me, particularly, to bullet point out the main points to say. The thing that I can take away from this experience is to not overlook any details when it comes to presentations.

News on the ‘Tribal Merge’: The verdict is that we will not merge. Up till now, we have been going on exactly the same direction.  It turns out we have completely different concepts and merging might not be the most suitable move. It might have benefited both groups to have collaborated earlier in the process, when research was the main task at hand.


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