Lens are focused

Focused in on a direction today. With Shane’s feedback really driving us forward, we are on the road to practicality. The results to our criteria matrix had the incremental concept come out on top. Feasibility, viability and desirability, were our three main concerns as these were what Freedom Company valued.

The incremental concept is of course, by far the most doable out of the three, as it has been done before. I feel that there will be no problem regarding its viability too. In my opinion, the company will want to market it. It is not an ”out there” idea- rather it is a concept that is tested and is successful. The market for the product is large as lighting is a camping necessity. And as we are taking the essence of it being multifunctional (a lamp with retractable hand-held torches) it will be desirable. It isn’t an ”out-there” idea nor is it a new idea, but our understanding is that our target market does not at all demand innovation, but rather they value practicality. I do not think anyone can afford to take something fancier than a lamp and a couple of torches to any camping trip, unless what it offers weighs out practicality, compactness and portability.


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