Experiments over Easter

Transparent acrylic tubes are expensive. But material testing will need to be done! Part of Shane’s feedback was to explore the other two concepts and evaluate each- whether any of its aspects will be beneficial. So far what I can tell you is that one LED shining through a piece of 30mm diameter transparent acrylic tube does not produce enough light source to aid any tasks that require directional lighting. Salt on the other hand have been more or less been ruled out as it promotes hassle more than anything else. Though it will be portable and lightweight before putting in the salt and water solution, it will not be after. Though it may not be a hassle or unusual to bring these everyday household items (salt and water) to any camping trip, it maybe a pain to clean up after use, or in times we may expect the container to break.

As it is Easter Weekend today will be the last day that we can all meet until Tuesday or Wednesday next week, so plans have been made and goals have been set. We are aware that there are also two other papers with due dates looming, and each of us have individual concerns that we must attend to, so we have looked at the rest of the time remaining for our project and as a group planned smartly to avoid any mad rushes at the end.

I personally think it is more important to plan than to just jump head first in anything as not to overlook any important details along the way. From past projects this has been my most valued skill learnt. I cannot forego the act of planning just because breaking the surface and jumping head first into 3D sketch modelling is the way to start the momentum. I will plan first. Schedules are a must. Though following through with the plan, is even more important.  Then, and only then will I jump in into the activities that follow.

The plan for this long weekend is to come up with an overall form, ranging from “out there ideas” to  the other end of the spectrum, and then tackling other micro and macro details. Individually we have set a target of 20 models  and have assigned a topic each  to research. Our ultimate aim is to come back with 3 strong ideas each, to share with the group on the day we come back- to discuss and reflect on. The rest of that week should be spent on critically evaluating and refining each detail so that the week after next can be spent making a final model and fabricating the tail-end of this project etcetera.


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