Reflections Rising

The other due dates impact our project schedule massively and  it is this that make the basis of our aim to stay focused and achieve as many things as we can during the time we will spend together as a group.

Productivity has been a true struggle for our team as we have very differing mindsets and opinions. Often this causes us to slow down once we start a task. Each day is meticulously planned so that the group stays on track with the holistic overview. Though, I know that it is inevitable that we encounter road bumps along our track, I would like more than anything for it to be fluid and with no more unnecessary floundering to lose our very precious time to. As I have taken it upon myself to be in charge of planning and delegating the tasks for and within the group, I should catch the rest of the group in the loop so that all four us have an understanding of how much work there is still left to do to the ratio of the remaining time left. It may also help that every member of the group keep tabs on the collation of our portfolio.

I have worked with Matt before in  a past project and that went absolutely well. We understand how each other work and have just assumed and have slotted ourselves into the roles we had in the past project; with him being in charge of the portfolio and all of our tech needs and I being the organiser and coordinator of the group. Usually in the formation of a new group , there are steps to be carried out to find balance between the pool of skills, strengths weaknesses and most importantly the personalities we have. Reflecting on this now, we should have spent a bit more time looking into each other’s skills, strengths and weaknesses- even talked about ourselves more as essentially this is a new group (even though half of it are used to working with each other). Our guiding principles should have been discussed. Our personal and group goals should have been too, and most importantly our pet peeves and what we expect in each other.

In the next group projects, I shall push to implement this at the very beginning, so that there is fluid communication and close-knit ties can be formed.

More times than not, I have found myself comparing this project to the past one, regarding not only the brief but also the team. I feel that a comparison is only natural, as I aspire for the current group I am now in to also form the same work ethic and camaraderie that we have established in my previous team.  We were not only members of the same team but we also became friends. I think that when each member of the team is comfortable with each other, it is much easier to allow all creativity to flow amongst the team.


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