SIV: Two

In my one on one discussion with Lyle, he discussed two main things which are as follows:

1. the importance of doing something that I am passionate about as the passion then becomes the main driving force behind the process resulting in far rewarding outcomes.

2. the focus of this brief is drawing upon the health and well-being issues that correlate to the chosen recreational activity.

Prior to the studio session we had today, I had already chosen a basic direction to work with; urban cycling. Though the decision is well informed, I am still struggling to find any real interest in it. This is why Lyle had expressed bullet point number one.

He asked me whether I participated in any recreational sport at all and nothing came to mind until he suggested running.

I am not a runner. However, running has been something that I have always wanted to pursue. I have attempted and failed several times. Listed below, are some of the reasons why I always discontinue my pursuit:

1. The constant nagging of my parents about my personal safety.

2. The lack of time.

3. Being overly self-conscious and uncomfortable in my own skin.

My priorities have and always will be my studies and other commitments, namely choir performances and practices. Both occupy a lot of my time leaving me sometimes none to spare. Due to this, the realization that I could choose running to be the subject of my brief is a welcomed one. I can kill two birds with one stone.  I can improve my fitness without diverting my focus from my studies, as role-playing being the greatest source of insights, will require me to run. The latter stages of the brief also requires that I run to test the potential of my concepts.I can use this drive and focus that is usually directed to my studies as a motivation to run daily (as technically I have made running my project). This option is also budget-friendly and means that I will not need to hassle my friends to lend me their bicycle and other important gear when needed.

As for the second bullet point Lyle raised, one of the main issues for a runner is their personal safety (especially if you are a young female) whilst out on a run. Another could be that, a new comer to running may have body image concerns, lack motivation and time to fit a daily run in her schedule.

In the days to follow, I aim to familiarise myself with running as a sport, through theoretical research and better yet to experience the physical activity first hand. I am quite eager to start running. I have high hopes that a daily run will stick as a routine when this brief is through. I am sure that the first few weeks will be hard, but I am eager and determined to work hard.

I feel a bit daft for not seeing running as an option in the first place. I was just so blinded by the urge to just start so as not to fall behind.However, there is probably far better value in scrutinizing the brief so as to realize its full potential, especially if it is malleable to any prefered recreational activity (within reason).


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