SIV: Three

Today’s session consisted of a one on one discussion with Lyle and a lecture on textiles; what is possible to achieve within its limits, along with a healthy reminder of the level of work we have to aim to be at or better yet- surpass.

Textiles is a new medium for me and it is a bit overwhelming how much learning I need to do. Nevertheless, I know for a fact that getting there is not an impossible feat. At the beginning of the previous project, I had no knowledge of using the wood lathe to turn a piece of timber, nor was I fluent in pottery processes. I had put my whole project at risk, but if I hadn’t I would not have had the same experience.

I believe there is value in treating these university projects as a vehicle to experience new things and attain new knowledge, as opposed to limiting yourself to what you know to get a good grade. I am empowered by this previous experience and am able to say that I welcome the challenge this project brings.

Within the session, I caught Lyle up with my progress regarding the brief.

I have spent the last four days just really getting into it. I have done both theoretical and hands-on research that has given me quality insights and inspiration.

Due to the tight time constraint that binds this brief I am constantly on my toes on whether I am making progress in good time. It is my biggest fear to fall behind and consequently run out of time. I have been referring back to my gantt chart before and upon finishing each task to ensure that I am still on track. I am doing just fine. I have left tonight and tomorrow to document (and lay out) my research findings so that I am able to begin the generate (and ideate) phase(s) come Wednesday.

Lyle has expressed that this week should really be the start of concept ideation. This encourages me to work harder more than it scares me. The mid presentation is exactly two weeks away and the only way to present three iterations of a concept by that time is to constantly be engaged with this project until then.

There is no time to worry. All there is time for is to just do it.


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