SIV: Four

Today’s session  consisted of a demonstration on how to set up and use an industrial sewing machine, and a quick one on one discussion with Lyle.

The demonstration was very beneficial for me as the last time I used the sewing machine was in third form and it was good to have a bit of a refresher course. I have a domestic sewing machine at home and it will probably be what I will be using throughout the duration of the brief.  However there are certain things I might need the sewing machines in the studio for, for example the zip foot attachment when one of my concepts require a zip closure.

The documentation of my investigate phase is taking much longer than expected. I am not confident to move on to the next stage because I feel like I do not have enough quality insights I can draw inspiration from to create concepts. All of the things that have come to mind already exist or are modifications of existing products.

The only thing that has really jumped out so far, was my subconscious decision to drink from our garden hose in between loops, when I ran last.

I am hoping that by the time I sort through my research  (both theoretical and hands-on), I will have made a decision on which direction to focus on, which will enable me to make a start on my generate and ideate phases.


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