SIV: Seven

I admit I was ill prepared for today. Although, I did not realize this until I was up there delivering my presentation. I had not prepared slides to serve as a visual aid for my verbal presentation. I deliberately focused on creating multiple prototypes as I knew this would benefit me more. I knew it would completely be a better use of my time as compared to spending the whole time prettying up a couple of slides (that will not benefit me in terms of getting somewhere further with my concepts).

As well as this I feel like I did not get the kind of feedback I sought. I hoped that by the end of the presentation I would have a clear idea of which of the concepts I should pursue.

I admit that I took a long time explaining my approach to the brief and discovery of my concepts but if I had not fleshed this out, I would not be relaying the information I had wanted to enable  my peers and my lecturer to see my situation with an understanding of where exactly I stood.

My presentation was poorly executed and I was disappointed to have come out of it with very little feedback save for that I should run with one concept that Lyle reckons has the most merit out of all the others.

I am not unappreciative of the feedback I received, though very small- but I am just a bit disappointed that I was not given the chance to fully explain what I was looking at. The insight that drove my ideation stage was that runners (of all types- but with focus to marathon runners in training) are encouraged to carry many things whilst out on their run but have nowhere to put it so that their mobility and performance are not disrupted. I listed out all of these necessities as discussed with Moon Lee (an experienced marathon runner) and generated concepts that either solely covered that one necessity or two. The brief that I had set for myself however required a soft product that caters for all of these needs and does not become an obstruction to their mobility and performance . It had to be portable and lightweight and is possibly a second skin type of thing.

Considering that all of my concepts are not that multi-use, I decided to combine some and evaluated these concepts according to the specifications I wrote, and had ended up with the three or four concepts, which I presented today. But the one thought that loomed over my head was that the more multi-functional the concept got the more complex it got too. I am hesitant with pursuing any of these concepts for the sole fact that the time constraint may not lend me enough time to take any of these to a very refined finish and was therefore considering that I just focus on one necessity. However i am clueless on which necessity to focus on as all of these seemed important to me.


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