SIV: Eight

In the couple of days that had passed, I was really adamant on finding for myself a focus that I would not regret. I achieved this by tweaking my brief and added yet another constraint. The brief now says that the multi-use product should appeal to all types of runners and not just those who are in training for a marathon. I know for a fact that recreational runners and newcomers to running do not carry a lot save for the gear and shoes and perhaps a music device or phone.

My thoughts now lay with creating concepts that appeal to both ends of the spectrum- so that the product caters for all of the necessities but the person is able to choose what he wants to carry. I have narrowed it down to two ideas . One of which is a second skin type of garment that has many pockets, but the pockets are positioned in the garment so that it is ‘hidden’, ‘invisible’ and unobtrusive. For example, the garment provides elastic pockets for drink bottles and can be used as needed, but is ‘invisible’ all the other times it is not or for those who opt to not bring them whilst running. This can be achieved by making the pocket into a flap that can be accessed with using an invisible zip on the garment. This makes it unobtrusive when it is not in use as it appears to be just part of the garment.  The other idea is a jacket that can be turned into a bag whilst it is worn with pockets provided for all of the necessities, so  one does not have to stop running when it becomes too hot to be wearing a jacket.


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