SIV: Nine

I developed both ideas over the weekend and had realized a couple of things.  I preferred the second skin garment by a long shot as it is proving to have more  potential to actually be useful for all types of runners. The reason being that it is a modular garment and all types of runners are able to use it according to their preferences. The hood is detachable, the sleeves are too. It provides a pocket flap that is unobtrusive, should they prefer to bring drink bottles and/or sugar packs. In comparison, the convertible jacket can also do all of these things (if I provide pockets for all)- but say in summer, will anyone still want to bring the item when a jacket is not needed? The bag would have to be detachable from the jacket. But will anyone want to bring a bag whilst running at all?

I tested out the mechanism of the convertible jacket (just running the drawstring around the outside edge of the jacket) and while it does work, it does not do a very good job. My sister had to assist it to go ‘within the bag’  whilst I was pulling on the drawstring. Ideally the product should be able to do it by itself. What more is that it does not just uncurl on its own, one has to physically adjust it for it to turn back into a jacket.

I had shown Lyle my prototypes and he mentioned that I had taken the idea of turning the jacket into a bag too literally. I agree. In the next stages of the refinement I will look at other ways to achieve this (if I were to pursue this concept further). I also showed Lyle the prototypes and developments of the concept I preferred, but he was quick to dismiss it and discussed that the convertible bag has more merit and more potential to actually be a huge success.

This does not help me with making decisions  at all. I know that I will end up doing what I prefer, but ideally I would love for the lecturer and I to be on the same page. Also it makes me wonder why exactly he prefers the other idea and I do not. I am a bit anxious and rather frustrated as I know that making a decision regarding this will pull me back a little bit. In doing so, I will lose time that I do not have.

I can continue with prototyping both, but this is hardly ideal at this stage. I will try to restore order and re-evaluate both concepts using a matrix and perhaps pros and cons.


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