SIV: Ten

Two weeks from today is when the whole assignment is due. My one and only reaction: Ha! It is so close and it is a fact that is rather really hard to accept. There is just so much work to do. The hand in for an assignment for my photography paper was yesterday and a 2K word report for Production Technology is due in on Monday next. This makes me anxious and is a bit frustrating as I know I work really slowly.

On the top side,  I have finally made a decision regarding which of my two concepts to run with (I had taken both through a phase of refinement). I chose the convertible jacket (or ‘jakpak’ as I had recently started referring to it as such), over the second skin garment.  Both are multifunctional and serves the purpose of carrying the necessities whilst running. The only question was which is the better option and most importantly how does it appeal to the target user group and which of the two concepts outweigh the other’s benefits.

Initially, I thought that the second skin garment was the way to go for the reasons being:

1. I do not have to spend time testing out different mechanisms to make it work as I do for the convertible jacket idea, as it is one modular garment.

2. However, the fact that it is ‘the’ garment -and not a jacket that you can put over another top,  there is the issue of washing.  A runner will want more than a couple of these garments in their wardrobe as I imagine it is not something that a runner will want to use a second or a third time before washing  (for obvious hygienic purposes).

The convertible jacket is something that doubles as a sports bag and can be used outside the realms of running. It may even appeal to different user groups. And because it is a jacket- it is something that does not need to be washed as often as a running top does.

Also, the convertible jacket means that all of the running necessities are in one place rather than spread out in one garment. The only magnified issue here is the challenge of keeping the bag from being a disruption to the mobility of the user. The contents of the bag should not move around and that the bag itself should not jump up and down while it is worn running. The fabric should be lightweight and should be able to pack really tiny as not to add to the collective weight of the rest of the things that any runner decides to carry.

Another issue is should a runner decide to bring a drink bottle, the bag should have a pocket so that is easily accessible whilst running. In saying this, all pockets should be accessible both when worn as a jacket and as a bag.

The bag does not necessarily have to be a backpack either- this allows me to design something according to where the optimal (and comfortable) reach places of a person are (whilst running).

I plan to take my concept through a couple or more iterations so that before Monday next I am able to show and discuss with Lyle the final prototype and developments to get some feedback. This allows me to make changes before Wednesday so that I am able to work solidly on my final model independently from there on out.

It is also one of my goals for this weekend to have my portfolio up to date. I imagine this will take quite a while. On top of this I also have the 2K word report for Production Tech and actually prototyping to do. I have two or three different mechanisms in mind that I really can not wait to prototype to see which works better!

I realize that this is a very ambitious plan, but I am an ambitious person. It is not a bad thing to be- certainly not. But following through with plans is always a struggle. It is either I bite off more than I can chew or that time must really hate me to run from me as fast as it always does. I am convinced that the reason is the latter of the two.


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