SIV: Eleven

Admittedly, on Monday my mind was so far from anything studio related. I am pretty sure I was overdosed with caffeine that whole weekend in hope to construct my report and present it well.

Unfortunately, fatigue caught up with me and resulted in my being too sick to continue through the last stretch. It was a battle between my will to finish the report and my brain and body begging for rest, in which the former lost.

I finished the report, albeit a little overdue. It does not matter though as I was happy with what I had given in.

Due to this, Tuesday morning was spent in a grumpy mood as I was up bright and early (by this I mean, have not seen the back of my eyelids… in quite some time) for Photography. Most of that morning was a bit hazy until I had some food in me.

The afternoon was split between napping and prototyping. My goal was to bring my concepts, which existed only in paper, into 3D before the next morning, to discuss with Lyle.


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