Year III: Auckland Transport Project Week Five

7 days remain until written submissions are due, 8 till presentation

Deadlines are looming! Run! That’s what my brain tells me. Its twin though, tells me that I must keep ploughing through. Me? What do I say? I’m in the middle, stuck – both ends playing tug of war with me as the rope.

I have worked steadily through the development of my concept and though no design is ever done I am nearing a stage that I am happy to present on Thursday. Today I spoke to Rob about the final refinements of my concept and the outline of how I will deliver my presentation. We spoke about how the presentation will really just be to sell the idea, and not sell the app, as my concept is still really in its infancy. Should time and circumstances allow it, there is so much more development to occur. Though with deadlines knocking at my door, the only thing I can do now is take a 360 degree turn and polish all of the steps that I have taken to get to where I am now.

I have sectioned the remaining tasks (which is a heap!) and allotted the remaining time we have left to each. It seems like a manageable week at a glance, before I factor in the humanly things I need to do to survive like eat and sleep. Both of which are crucial should I want help from a brain that functions.

It is times like this, that I wish I was a machine. In with a task and out the other end in repetition.


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