Industry Project: ADHB Level Two Atrium Week Two


Through thorough project planning, we were able to form a schedule in which to guide our design process, pushing us to wait no longer in uncovering a rich contextual background that will be a companion in designing solutions that will fulfil the needs that will no doubt become apparent, as it is akin to such a complex brief.

To gain a better understanding of our brief we set out in our agenda to carry out mass interviews with important connections within the healthcare industry, and in particular the Auckland Emergency Department staff of the ADHB, Grafton Campus.

A basic understanding was formed that there are two major uses of the Atrium Space, of which are the day to day use of staff members during their breaks and also in hopefully more rare cases of emergency overflow, of which can come in different types and sizes. In further detail, the space on a daily basis serve as a brief reprieve for staff members of which are spent either alone or as social gatherings with workmates who share the same lunch periods as them.


My initial interest in the brief was the emergency aspect of the brief and we both found merit in engaging with further information to be provided in the succeeding interviews and an emergency set up walk through with Terinna Ihaia, the facilities manager, to be carried out next week.


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