Industry Project: ADHB Level Two Atrium Week Three

CommentsliipAnother method of gathering data was in a passive manner and was carried out by setting up a comment box within the space. We were able to gain valuable feedback from the users and passers-by of the space, not only confirming our observations but also adding multiple layers of understanding of the situation.

Furthermore, the emergency set up walk through with Terinna gave yet another layer of understanding the complexity that the reconfiguration of the space to cater for emergency overflows should a major incident in Auckland happen add.

Altogether, our gathered user insights enabled us to develop personas that are more true to the actual users of the space and for the first time, we both have found the merit in empathy mapping, a tool that supposedly allow us to bring about another layer of understanding and empathy by ‘putting on someone else’s shoes’.

The weekend to follow finds us collaboratively writing what we have identified as the core needs of the core users of the space, and from that itemized insights that have merit in them.

Anticipating another clientele meet in the following week to come, we decided to write our mission statement however leaving it unset in concrete, as there may be valuable information that might add to the scope of our brief.


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