Industry Project: ADHB Level Two Atrium Week Six

The studio interim presentations saw the beginning of this week and determined the workload in the following days to come. In order to bring the lecturer up to speed, I gave the same presentation as the last was with only very little alterations. At this point in time I have taken into consideration the clientele feedback and also factored in my interest in a direction between the two I initially proposed. Due to my interest in the adaptability of the space between everyday use and emergency cases, the concept that I have chosen to be the focus of refinement is the cube concept. A useful lecturer feedback was that the matyroshka design principle might not be the best to implement if the central intent is the no-fuss reconfiguration of the space to suit both everyday needs and emergency situations.

Cube1-01Indeed, the matryoshka design principle does little to improve the packability of the furniture, and therefore does not enhance the adaptability of the space between different uses. It fulfills the need of the modular system to be space efficient but falls short in terms of its need for swiftness in its assembly and disassembly. In the following days, exploration in better methods to achieve space efficiency without compromising quick reconfiguration will be undertaken, to determine the best possible solution.



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